Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pao GS-816FC Fiber Disk Array

Baode GS-816FC fiber storage disk array to meet the massive Library, IDC data center, open and public utilities on the throughput bandwidth, access performance, storage ability for demanding business-critical, real-time video editing, digital libraries, online transaction processing, massive data mining to provide material security.

64-bit core technologies: Pao GS-816FC 64-bit RISC CPU, in addition to compatible 32-bit server and operating system, would also be an excellent fit for the market and the popular 64-bit 64-bit server operating system, which is not only the speed fast and compatible with current and future 64-bit hardware and software systems, especially on the hundreds of users simultaneously access the speed performance was particularly evident.

Strength of the reading and writing skills: use of 2Gbps Fibre Channel RAID controller and new controller design, to achieve more powerful processing capability, high-speed ECCSDRAM up to 2GB cache, read and write-back in advance (write-back cache) function, to ensure the disk array read and write operations on the performance.

16 million people also visit: Pao GS-816FC up to 160,000 IOPS maximum (IO per second access number), that is, 16 million people visit the same time, the largest I / O throughput up to 760MB / s (IO per second throughput), especially for hundreds of concurrent users to simultaneously access the above performance requirements, high throughput can be greatly satisfied with college radio and television and streaming media and information inquiries and more requests for visits;

Body mass storage expansion: Pao GS-816FC maximum support 124 drives with a capacity of 18TB, and can use native COREMANAGER management software module management, the software is JAVA-based graphical environment management software, the user can easily disk array control the operational status of each module, and can be intuitive RAID disk array configuration, LUN allocation management, and so many management functions.

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