Sunday, September 19, 2010

BenQ projector and Joybee Brilliance

BenQ recently introduced the "honor" and "classic" two series of home projectors product. Elite Series two new PE8720 and PE7700 for "luxury" user tailored: PE8720 with Texas Instruments Dark Chip3 DMD chip, effectively reduce the scattered light with theater-level contrast (10000:1), to support 1280 脳 720 pixels real resolution (720P), can display 16:9 widescreen cinema effect, while using the 8-node color wheel designs and BenQ's unique Senseye significant color technology, color performance can be further enhanced.

PE7700 with white "piano mirror paint" and the unique "design concept around the theater process," won the "2005 German iF Design Award", with Texas Instruments HD2 + video chip with HDMI digital port, also used five color temperature settings and 6 color wheel design of the node. "Elite" series projector also has 23 dB low noise design, 3,000 hours of ultra long-lasting light bulbs, smart dust filter, high contrast cat's eye aperture, high-performance focus, performance scaling, dynamic adjustment, the former home vent, concave back design and other features.

In addition to "luxury machine" outside, BenQ has also introduced the "Classics" series console W100, primarily for general home users. It has the 480P resolution, 1300 lumens brightness, 2500:1 contrast, a similar bar can also be applied to a class recreational and social service establishments, it is also known as "bar machine."

In addition, BenQ launched in the spring in one fell swoop "Bluetooth", "MP3", "digital speaker", "GAME" Joybee four series of six new products, from simple products to the professional audio MP3, game products ranging compound .

Joybee Bluetooth. Joybee E520 acting as a "wireless Bluetooth headset + color screen color MP3 + U Disk" triple role, as built-in Bluetooth module, it can act as a Bluetooth headset to use, it has a 65K color OLED screen brightness. In addition, it also supports MP3, WMA and other music format and lyrics show and support the firmware upgrade. Another built-in Bluetooth wireless headset products ET50 version 1.2 Bluetooth chip.

Joybee MP3 series. Known as the MP3 interview Machine Joybee N370 has a "color screen MP3 + professional recording of" double feature, the built-in USB interface, convenient push-pull connection, with USB Host capabilities, compatible with a variety of USB devices, not through the PC can also be directly read take pictures and music.

Joybee digital speaker series. P610 offers extroverted music solution slim design folding machine to carry out convenient, can be connected to an external audio signal, as a portable speaker to use.

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